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Facebook Page Post Formats In The Wild

November 12, 2010

Facebook Pages have become an important tool for online advertising and online marketing. Through the Facebook News Feed, Facebook Pages provide you with a way of putting ads (in the form of Facebook Page wall posts) in front of the eyes of people who have "liked" your Facebook Page.

And while there are hoops you must jump through to get your posts to show up on your like-ers' Facebook News Feeds, once you have jumped through those hoops you have free advertising delivered to a targeted audience. (Well, "free" other than whatever cost you incurred for the acquisition of your audience).

But once you have that audience of like-ers, online advertising and online marketing dynamics come into play. Simply putting the ads in front of them probably isn't enough, and things like trying to increase Click-Through Rate (CTR) become important.

One strategy that can help to increase your CTR is to look at what others are doing, and learn from them. As such, below we present some Facebook Page post formats "in the wild".

Here are some samples "in the wild" from EA Sports FIFA Superstars:

Here are some samples "in the wild" from Superhero City:

Here are some samples "in the wild" from Playfish:

Here are some samples "in the wild" from FarmVille Cows:

Here are some samples "in the wild" from Marvel:

Some commonalities we can draw from these samples are:

  1. Include images. (We already know from traditional online advertising that display advertising, using image ads, do tend to have higher click-through rates, and tend to help draw people's attention to the ad.)
  2. Have a "call to action" URL.
  3. Try to draw attention to your "call to action" URL.

Of course any technique being used needs to be tested and measured for effectiveness, but these "hints" can help you get started.

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