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Google Social Gaming

August 4, 2010

Rumors are going around that Google is making a play for the social gaming market, with something that might be called "Google Me".

If the rumors are true, it would not be surprising given how lucrative social gaming has become. Although, perhaps that is not the real reason Google is making this move. My impression is that one of the main reason's for Facebook's recent popularity seems to be social games. If the rumors are true, then Google may just be using social gaming as a strategy to help make their next attempt at social networking a success.

Google is no stranger to the social networking world. They previously purchased Orkut, which although popular in Brazil and India, is barely heard of in North America. Google also recently launched Google Buzz, which unfortunately for Google, thus far, seems to have had disappointing adoption rates. (I.e., not many people seem to be actually using it in any meaningful way.) Perhaps this social gaming strategy will help making Google's next attempt at capturing the social networking market gain some traction.

From a social game developer point-of-view, though, significant competition on the social networking end is definitely welcome. It could case social networks to give "better terms" to social game developers.

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