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Due to an NDA we are not permitted to disclose the client's name, or the name the social gaming ad network is operating under. But since there is more than one company with this kind of product, we can talk about it in such a way where client information is kept private.

The social gaming space, and in particular social gaming on Facebook, has become become an emerging billion dollar industry. Large social gaming developers such as Zynga, Playdom, and Electronic Arts as well as a "zoo" of smaller social game development companies (such as 49 Play) are driving and fueling the growth of social media giant Facebook, with others such as MySpace, hi5, and others looking to also capture a portion of this industry.

Monetization of these games comes in many forms, but often revolve around virtual currencies. One avenue for this montization is the usage in-game online ad space sold via a CPA business model. Conversions from these online ads results in virtual currencies being awarded to the game player. (Which can be used by the game player to purchase virtual goods and other items.)

The social gaming ad network we created for our undisclosed client allows social game developers, on Facebook and other social networks, to monetize their game's user base through online ads whose conversions results in virtual currency being "deposited" in the game player's account.

Our undisclosed client had specific high-end technological needs and special needs that were unique to interfacing with the social media space, such as Facebook, and to interacting with social games. To meet these needs we engineered their system for them which had high performance, high availability, fault tolerance, and to provide an ad serving system which can handle upwards of 1000 hits per second. It has sub-systems for fraud detection, early warning problem detection, health monitoring, self healing, optimization, quality control, accounting, reporting, and e-commerce.

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49 Research has created and enhanced ad network technology for many of the companies in the industry. We've built systems from scratch. We've created systems that can scale to 1000's of hits per second to 100,000's hits per second. We've created optimization technology that can "make" a company.

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