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49 Research Inc. is a Software Development House with over one and a half decades of experience. We have hired the best, so that we can deliver the best.

49 Research is an expert in creating mission critical software. From online advertising technology to oil & gas software. From fraud detection systems to artificial intelligence systems. From robotic control systems to mobile phone commerce. 49 Research brings software engineering, science, and mathematics together to find custom solutions for our clients. We succeed by helping you succeed.

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Custom Software Development Ad Network Technology
LAMP Development Facebook Application Development
Online Advertising Technology PHP Development
Oil & Gas Software Biotech Software Development
Mobile Phone Software Development Android App Development
Bioinformatics Backend Development

Is what you are looking for not on our list? We may actually still offer the service to those who ask. Contact us and we may still be able to help you with needs.

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49 Research does custom software development through our programming service offerings, with experience going back more than one and a half decades.

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