Charles Iliya Krempeaux

Co-Founder of 49 Research

Charles is a co-founder of 49 Research and operates as 49 Research's Senior Director of Engineering. His education includes a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree from Simon Fraser University (2000) with a formal background in Computer Science and Mathematics, and to a lesser degree Chemistry and Physics. Charles has 15 years experience in the software industry.

Although the first job he ever had was as a Math tutor, he started his career in the software industry at iFusion Communications as a software engineer & project manager. In 2002 he founded the consulting company Reptile Consulting & Services, which he grew to 8 people, over the 2+ years of its existence. He became principal software engineer and system architect of online advertising network BidClix in 2004. Charles also consulted as a senior software engineer & system architect for a number years. In 2008 he founded 49 Research (with Radoslav Gazo), where he became Director of Engineering. In 2011 he joined HootSuite, and was 1 of the 4 senior members of the original HootSuite engineering team. Charles joined Trulioo as Engineering Manager in 2012, where he headed the day-to-day activities of the engineering team. In 2013 Charles returned to 49 Research and took on the role of Senior Director of Engineering.

Charles has also been involved with open source software since 1996. And is a contributor to the offical HTML5 specification.

And Charles is organizer for the Data Science and Machine Learning meetup groups.

Aside from computer science and mathematics, his interests include genetics, psychology, neuroscience, synthetic biology and economics and is active in the DIY genomics, data science and machine learning communities.

When Charles is not at the office you can likely find him either reading or weight training at the gym.

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