Radoslav Gazo

Co-Founder of 49 Research

Rado is a co-founder of 49 Research. His education includes a Bachelor of Science degree from UCM (2000) with a formal background in Computer Science, Mathematics and Economics. Rado has over 10 years experience in the software industry. Rado's extensive international experience includes work on projects based in countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovakia, United States and Canada. When Rado is not at the office you can likely find him playing golf with friends or sipping a glass of Argentine Malbec. Rado also likes to escape the rainy winters in Vancouver and spend time in Buenos Aires. In the summer, he likes to relax in Barcelona's Parc Guell or in a small town cafe at the Riviera.

49 Research Team

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49 Research does custom software development through our programming service offerings, with experience going back more than one and a half decades.

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